About ClearIt llc

ClearIt, LLC, a Delaware limited liability company, was founded in 2013 by Dr. James W. Winkelman and Martin E. Schmieg. The Company’s mission is to design, develop and market the first effective, painless, single treatment tattoo ERASER™ System – approaching 100% particle removal from the skin while safely avoiding current potential laser removal side-effects of scaring, skin color bleaching, shadow tattoos or absorption by the body of harmful mineral or chemical elements.

Martin E. Schmieg,
Chief Executive Officer

"C" level executive since 1992 leading startup and development stage companies Cytometrics, Inc., Advanced Bionics Corporation, SIRNA Therapeutics, Inc., lsolagen, Inc., Freedom-2, Inc., now Pharmacyte, Inc. and NeoStem, Inc. Early career experience with Boekel Scientific, Inc. and EM Diagnostic Systems, Inc., a division of E. Merck. Martin is a CPA and is also the founder and managing partner of Soar Ventures, a venture capital and strategic advisory firm.

James W. Winkelman, M.D.,
Chief Medical And Scientific Officer

Professor Emeritus of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. Formerly, Director of Clinical Laboratories and Vice President of Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Founder of Cytometrics, Inc., Continuous Monitoring Calibration Systems, LLC, and Cell Imaging Systems, LLC. Dr. Winkelman, an AOA graduate from John’s Hopkins Medical School, has authored more than 160 peer reviewed scientific publications and 13 issued U.S. Patents. The Roche COBAS M-511 hematology system is based upon several of these enabling patents.